inkjet test Evaluation System

inkjet test Evaluation System

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Product Description

 The inkjet test evaluation printer  is a dedicated controller for the operation of Xaar,Dimatix spectra,seiko,Ricoh,Toshiba,Kyocera,Konica Minolta,Epson inkjet printheads. Simply connecting the device to any available PC,  is all that is required to initiate procedures such as inkjet printhead evaluation and testing.

By providing the ability to immediately carry out processes such as all kind's of inkjet printhead evaluation, verification of head-to-ink matching and checking of actual printed image quality, the device offers benefits such as reduction in the number of development tasks and development time.

 The accessory software enables simple setting of image data transmission and various inkjet printhead parameters (e.g. Voltage and drive waveform).

The device can be synchronized to signals from external devices to facilitate creation of inkjet test systems by combination with devices such as stages. In addition, an SDK (Software Development Kit) is also available to enable the use of the inkjet test printer in combination with the customer’s system, making it possible to create an inkjet system without the need for the development of elements such as 

Specifications︰ experimental printing apparatus owns a high speed camera monitoring observation system, as well as a drop observation window, which enables it to clearly record the whole process of the forming of an ideal droplet comes from the nozzle. Moreover, frame analysis is available at any time during the whole process that can be saved as a backup in the form of videos and photographs. By measuring each drop’s shape, volume and speed, the apparatus quickly gives a direct reflection of the suitability of ink, print head and medium, which can be a reference for controlling the size of the drop so as to achieve a more accurate and perfect printing effect. This apparatus can test different types of inks to find out the most suitable ink. It can also simulate the same state of large-scale printers.

Advantages︰ The apparatus is compatible with all industrial piezo inkjet print heads(SPECTRA, XAAR, SEIKO, KONICA,Kyocera,Ricoh, Toshiba,EPSON,etc.) and very convenient for different print heads to be replaced in the same set of apparatus. Therefore, it can be widely used in ceramic ink printing test, solar cells printing, LCD printing, semiconductor diode printing, biomedical and biological cells printing, DNA printing, three-dimensional modeling, flexible circuits, RFID label printing, conductive ink printing, optical lenses and many other fields. Nanomaterials ink, UV ink, water-based ink, solvent ink, textile ink and other various industrial inks can be tested. Any liquid material can be printed.
Print parameters:
Print frequency:100Hz~45KHz Droplet speed:0m/s~25m/s
Droplet diameter:10um~200um(droplet diameter of 30pl is 35um)
Print area:100mm*100mm Print width:≥ 0.1mm
Print Resolution: 1080DPI
Video Resolution:640*480
vacuum platform,
automatic ink supply,
automatic heating system

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