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All kind's inkjet printhead
Inkjet printhead Date

All kind's inkjet printhead  

xaar and Spectra and Konica and Seiko of inkjet print heads

In the printing industry in the past ten years of industrial piezoelectric nozzle has been significant development and progress, from the original simple label printing to wide-screen printing, deputy, chief officer from low precision to high precision output, is that printing industry is also driving another leap.
Piezoelectric inkjet nozzle as the industry with influence in the market are XAAR Britain, the United States Spectra Company, the Japanese company Konica and Seiko SPT, respectively, explain below the nozzle of each company in the Chinese market using the specific circumstances.
The main nozzle XAAR company has XAAR128, XAAR500, XAAR126 and XAAR380, XAAR760, XAAR1001 models.

A.XAAR128 Purcell nozzle is the earliest and most widely used market, the print head, 17.4mm printing width
XAAR128/80 firing frequency: 4.2KHZ
XAAR128/80W firing frequency: 5.5KHZ
XAAR128/40 firing frequency: 8.3KHZ
XAAR128/40W firing frequency: 8.3KHZ

Purcell to face the market needs and competition, the introduction of Sensor Electronics, sprinkler, electronic-type nozzle with a 128 small pipes, with the original 128 shape and size have not changed much, the biggest difference is that there are built-in filtering e-sprinklers device, to filter impurities in the ink can protect the head of the effect on the compatibility of the ink is stronger, will extend the life of the nozzle. Own electronic device, you can adjust the temperature control is more conducive to ink jet, with the Konica nozzle similar. Smaller ink drops, the accuracy pricey, there are two main types:
XAAR electronic ignition frequency of the nozzle electron 70-W/70PL 8.5KHZ
XAAR nozzle electron 35-W/35PL electronic ignition frequency 14KHZ

B. XAAR500 is using Xaar printheads, stability and maneuverability of the best head, the print width of 70.5mm, with 500 channels, the resolution in two modes:
xaar500/80 for UV ink firing frequency 4KHZ
xaar500/80-cm oil-based ink used for the ignition frequency 7.2KHZ
xaar500/40UV for UV ink firing frequency 8KHZ
xaar500/40S for solvent ink firing frequency 8KHZ

2009, Purcell's head in xaar500 meson based on the introduction of the first, the performance has been more forward, first with the 500 meson difference is that the first shell is red. Ignition frequency and print speed are improved
C. XAAR126 nozzle print width 17.2MM
There are three common types:
XAAR126/80 speeds of up to 6 meters / second ignition frequency is 5.2KHZ
XAAR126/50 speeds of up to 6 meters / second ignition frequency is 7.5KHZ
XAAR126/35 speeds of up to 6 meters / second ignition frequency is 9KHZ,
Hangzhou, China and some other macro models factory using the latest xaar130/600 nozzle inkjet printers, the nozzle in the Russell's Web site did not see, but the aluminum alloy material, drop size 30pl, the ignition frequency of 9.3k, RBI speed 5m / s, shape and technical parameters of the model with the 126/35 are close to estimate the model it is 126/30, but the domestic manufacturers have their own names and do take some of the technical design.
Purcell is mostly produced by the nozzle manufacturing Teflon material, it can not be guaranteed using the stability and accuracy in their use will be a few months fell dramatically.

XAAR 64 is the main device used in the inkjet printer, and a dedicated inkjet printer nozzle, and in some application-specific models, there are IKONMAC and other inkjet printer devices in using this nozzle.

PROTON Proton XAAR the market is said nozzle XAAR382, because there are 382 nozzles on the market under the previous naming convention Purcell, collectively XAAR 382. Print Article width 57.3mm, this head of the main features are: built-ink configuration, and temperature regulation, also known as temperature control is conducive to the volatility of the ink, and a built-in filter, play a greater compatibility of the ink. Currently only one model:

XAAR proton nozzle(382)/60PL  Typical firing frequency 7.0KHZ
XAAR proton nozzle (382) / 35PL ignition frequency is 9.5KHZ
XAAR proton nozzle(382)/ 45 or 30PL Greyscale, firing frequency 15KHZ
XAAR proton nozzle(382)/15PL  Greyscale firing frequency 15KHZ

XAAR 318 Series & XAAR 760 Series & XAAR1001 series (gray line)

XAAR 318 and 760 Series 1001 Series is a gray head, with Seiko SEIKO's SPT510GS, SPT508GS, SPT255GS Series, Toshiba TOSHIBA TEC of CA4, CA5, CA3, CB1, CE2 series of gray nozzle similar to that of the so-called gray ink the color processing can form a gradual transition process. makes the picture more vivid and more realistic color of a technology.

XAAR 318/CA2 6-42PL print width of 53.6mm bar ignition frequency: 4.8KHZ

XAAR 318/CA4 6-42PL print width of 53.6mm bar ignition frequency: 6.2KHZ

XAAR 760/GS8 8-42PL print width of 73.8mm bar ignition frequency: 7.8KHZ

XAAR 1001/GS6 6-42PL print width of 70.5mm,typical firing frequency: 6.0KHZ

XAAR 1001/GS12 12-84PL printh width :70.5mm,typical friring frequency:6-12KHZ, use ink oil,number grey levels 8, the head for ceramic ink printer and other single pass print.

XAAR 1001/GS6 are printed in a Beijing bar code on the machine application, xaar1001 currently printing is widely used in ceramics, Spain and Italy are based on this large ceramic printer head.

2. Japan's Fujifilm Fuji Dimatix (formerly the American Spectra)
Spectra Company is the production of office printing the first thermal foam nozzle, due to the emergence of HP's research and development finally abandoned industrial piezoelectric nozzle instead, after the acquisition of Japan's Fuji. The nozzle is characterized by a smaller drop (corresponding to high precision), the jet is very high frequency (speed), the ink is not very "picky", Witt was the first American brand with Spectra heads, but also the most in the global market acclaim Printer, Spectra nozzle problem is the price too high, while Kuwait has sold in hundreds of domestic, but several domestic manufacturers by Spectra inkjet printhead products, and always unsuccessfully mainstream products are for export to Lord. It is a lightweight stainless steel container packaging precision nozzle, all components can be fast moving, for the superior performance of the printer, there are four main varieties of model series:

Spectra Series: (cyberspace, and other manufacturers of domestic applications)

skywalker HD 128/50 ignition frequency 16KHZ

Galaxy JA 256/30AAA nozzle diameter 36um ignition frequency 20KHZ

Galaxy JA 256/50AAA nozzle diameter 42um ignition frequency 20KHZ

Galaxy JA 256/80AAA nozzle diameter 52um ignition frequency 20KHZ

Galaxy PH 256/30AAA nozzle diameter 36um ignition frequency 20KHZ

Galaxy PH 256/50AAA nozzle diameter 42um ignition frequency 20KHZ

Galaxy PH 256/80AAA nozzle diameter 52um ignition frequency 20KHZ

Nova PH 256/80AAA nozzle diameter 52um ignition frequency 20KHZ

Nova JA 256/80AAA nozzle diameter 52um ignition frequency 20KHZ

SE-128/30AA nozzle diameter 35um ignition frequency 40KHZ

SM-128/50AA 50um nozzle diameter ignition frequency 20KHZ

SL-128/80AA 50um nozzle diameter ignition frequency 30KHZ

Polaris Polaris PQ 512/15PL print width 64.897mm, droplet size 15PL ignition frequency up to a maximum resolution of 1000DPI 45KHZ, 09-year launch of the nozzle, all-ink color double. Manufacturers for the domestic workers is the main application and the color of God. The introduction of the nozzle due mainly to the head of KONICA the KM512MN/14PL market prospects have to see the follow-up testing by users.

Polaris PQ512/15PL firing frequency of up to 40KHZ

Polaris PQ512/35PL firing frequency of up to 30KHZ

Polaris PQ512/85PL firing frequency of up to 20KHZ

Inspira Series:

Galaxy PH 256/30HM nozzle diameter 42um ignition frequency 20KHZ

Galaxy PH 256/80HM nozzle diameter 52um ignition frequency 12KHZ

Endura Series:

SX3 128/35PL nozzle diameter: 27um ignition frequency: 15KHZ

SE3 128/35PL nozzle diameter: 42um ignition frequency: 15KHZ

128 series of nozzles which stability and performance with XAAR128 + sprinklers have many similarities, but Nova256 series in the successful development of inkjet printers made before by such a basic inkjet nozzle manufacturer - Witt private companies. From the nozzle's internal structure, in direct contact with the ink nozzle portion, XAAR nozzle is used in Teflon-long material, Spectra head with steel. Ink has some corrosion, as Spectra steel nozzle, the first nozzle greatly improved the corrosion resistance of the ink; ink pressure from the shower head out of the nozzle diameter, high pressure tends to deformation, Spectra printhead nozzle steel Teflon than XAAR Long more pressure within the coating material. So head over XAAR nozzle Spectra has a longer life, changing the nozzle is to say consumables. Comes to printing speed, Spectra XAAR sprinkler head several times higher than the ignition frequency, so that the inkjet printing machines greatly improve the speed in the industry, Spectra is a relatively high-end nozzle head, the main application of domestic manufacturers To: Hong Hua, Ya-color blue, Cyber, Tai Wei and so on.

Performa Series: print width 64.77mm

Sapphire QS-256/10PL (original Q-256/10PL) firing frequency of up to 50KHZ

Sapphire QS-256/30PL (original Q-256/30PL) firing frequency of up to 33KHZ

Sapphire QS-256/80PL firing frequency up to 20KHZ

ScanPaQ 2.5 head (Q glass) 1024

M-class series: (no domestic manufacturers of application)


M-class quad 720dpi

M-class hex 180dpi

Emerald QE-256/30 AAA print width 67.44mm drop size 30,50,80 PL, firing frequencies were 33,20,20 KHZ

Spectra SG1024SC 12-40PL,SG1024MC 20-65PL,SG1024LC 70-180PL ,same with KM1024i head ,for industry high seed print, Ceramic printer,for single pass print.  Each printhead has 1024 independent jets arranged in 8 rows, each with 128 channels.  With a singular, durable metal nozzle plate, the first model, the SG-1024/M-C has a nominal 20-30 picoliter drop size (fluid-dependent) and is compatible with aqueous, oil-based ceramic inks and associated maintenance fluids. When combined with VersaDrop™ jetting technology, this printhead has full grayscale operation with drop sizes to 80 picoliters. 

Samba G3L ,2048nozzel ,printwide :43mm, 1200dpi, 2.4PL-13.2PL, 100KHZ.

3. Japan's Konica
Konica nozzle is in Japan recently to promote the brand, the company was to image-based, just to get involved in the production of piezoelectric nozzle area, the hardware is also doing more successful, including Konica Minolta 512 and 256 sprinkler heads, now Mai Jiete, Wister, Aowei, Tai Wei, Ya-color blue, Jin Hengfeng, HP8000S, HP9000S the application of such models.

KM 512 of the nozzle there are three: (you can use the UV, solvents, oil-based ink) Print width 36mm
KM 512 LN (LH) 42PL ignition frequency is 7.60KHZ

  KM512LNX 35PL (Jin Hengfeng the Wister machine, Aowei machine)

KM 512 MN (MH) 14PL ignition frequency is 12.8KHZ
KM 512SN (SH) 4PL ignition frequency is 23.0KHZ
KM512i MHE     14PL 20KHZ
KM 256 of the nozzle are mainly two: Print width 36mm
KM 256LN 42PL 42PL drop size
KM 256MN 14PL 14PL drop size

KM 1024 nozzles are mainly two: (Gray 8) Print width 72mm
KM 1024MNB/14PL applications drop size 14PL ink solvents and oil
Application of KM 1024MHB/14PL UV ink drop size 14PL
KM 1024LHB/42PL  for UV ink

KM1024i MHE 14PL and KM1024i LHE is the independent operation type with four rows of 256 nozzles and has achieved firing frequency of 35kHz at a drop volume of 14pl,speed:75m/min,reslution 360dpi,3 levels greyscale,is for single pass ,for industry high speed print. KM1024i LHE is 30-210PL, for ceramic glaze。

KM1800i is new high seep printhead , 1776 nozzles and 600 npi highdensity printhead ,75mm print width, maximum drive frequency: 84 kHz  , Stable discharge performance that realizes high image quality during high-speed printing ,Grey scale performance with a maximum of 8 gradations,3.5 pl small droplets, UV-ink compatible. it same with xaar1001 and kyocera kj4 printhead

KM 216 DPN/15PL drop size 14PL 36mm print width
KM 206 DPN/6.5PL drop size 6.5PL 36mm print width

KM128SNG-MB is new head, drop size ( 1 picoliter ) for the first time for the printed electronics applications.   have 128 nozzles in one row, print width is 38mm,
maximum frequency 15khz,nozzles spacing  300um, fluid viscosity:1-5mPa.s. use for
 OLED display patterning, OLED lighting thin-layer coating, new manufacturing technologies to provide high accuracy, high added value displays for smartphones and similar devices

Konica head features:
Is a double into the ink nozzle pipe, flow pressure evenly. To ensure print quality. Some brands of a single row.
512 Konica sprinkler nozzle is closed, waterproof, anti-aging. Some brands of nozzles is half naked or full bare.
Semi-exposed to the following major shortcomings: 1, chips, circuit boards and other outside, likely to cause a short circuit, and burned head. 2, spray plastic bag is easy to aging.
Because it is completely closed, so no short circuit so the above situation. Nozzle longer life expectancy, do not change the nozzle, which will greatly save maintenance costs.
High accuracy, fast printing speed, 14pl of precision 1440dpi, 42pl accuracy is 720dpl, print 1pass equivalent to some of the 2pass.
4. Japan Seiko SPT
By the Japanese electronics group produced by Seiko, Seiko watches the first aspect in the production of precision known in the world, now assembled in the production of piezoelectric nozzle area already has considerable strength and a solid foundation for stability as its production of Seiko watch Like all super quality. SPT sprinkler head in the consolidated performance of all the advantages of the previous final design is made in the past, while the merits of focused mainly reflected also in:
a. mainly for stainless steel design, with superior resistance to life, each nozzle of the pipe for the 510.
b. nozzle voltage changes with temperature, so that in the past because of the other nozzle temperature caused by external factors such as the ink off trouble.
c. The head of the data ports to adapt to different printing software, and print head concentration is more dependable than ever before?
d. using a variety of models to the production, blot particles 35PL and 12PL, the highest standards of precision 720DPI and 1440DPI, color saturation impeccable.
e. nozzle print width is 75mm, 4 times the ordinary nozzle for fast output.
f. broader applicability, has been used in industrial and commercial printing in the range.
g. all necessary production line ink Seiko Electronics Group from the Japanese professional testing, each time the production of ink after all be certified by the Seiko Group invest in the market.
h. lower cost, tend to popularity.
At present, large-scale application of the manufacturers is the series of flying machines ultimate Yang and co workers are.

Application of the main nozzle in the domestic series:

SEIKO SPT 255 35PL (limit of mainstream nozzle) the effective width of 35.7mm Print Article

SEIKO SPT 510 35PL (limit of mainstream nozzle) the effective width of 71.8mm Print Article
SEIKO SPT 510 60PL effective print width of 71.8mm Article
SEIKO SPT 1020/35PL effective print width of 71.8mm Article
SEIKO Jet T508GS/12, 24,36,48,60,72,84 PL effective print width of 71.8mm Article
SEIKO Jet T254/35PL effective print width of 35.7mm Article

5. Japan TOSHIBA Toshiba nozzle. (Mainly gray technology)

Toshiba and Konica printhead technology licensing are derived from the xaar, Toshiba is more obvious, xaar318 the Ca4 and Ca2 in the Ca in the series is the Toshiba look out. At present, few manufacturers use the Toshiba head, do not know the technical or price reasons, only one vendor is using color God.

CE2 6-90PL 636 nozzles print width of 53.7mm

CA4 6-90PL 318 nozzles print width of 53.6mm

CA5 3PL 318 nozzles print width of 53.6mm fire frequency: 17.9KHZ

CA5 12PL 600DPI ignition frequency: 17.9KHZ

CA5 42PL 300DPI ignition frequency: 17.9KHZ

CA3 6-42PL 318 nozzles print width of 53.6mm

CB1 6-42PL 318 nozzles print width of 53.6mm

CF1 6-42PL 300DPI ignition frequency: 5.7KHZ

6. U.S. TRIDENT nozzle.

Nozzle which is relatively unique one, the nozzle is steel and can open to clean. Originally applied Coding identify the major large-scale industries. Then see the head of the large-scale development of industrial image. A join. At present, The use of manufacturers in Guangdong Zhongshan Extension Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Thailand.

Mainly used in printing 768JET.

TRIDENT company has 20 years of U.S. industrial printing technology. Its products are mainly used in various industries in industrial printing.

20 years has been living in the printing industry leadership, its products include:

Address printing (printing the address of 50,000 per hour) on behalf of the nozzle: UltraJet II 96
Barcode printing (more than 90% of the Japanese print market carton bar code) on behalf of the nozzle are: UltraJet II, SolidJet, 768Jet, 384Jet
Document processing decoding print (to print encoded images scanned document to restore) on behalf of the nozzle is: UltraJetII 96, TRIDENT developed using ink JetWrite, PostBrite, VersaPrint
Application of the financial document printing (printing bank checks, can generate bar codes) on behalf of the nozzle is: UltraJet II 96, using the ink development TRIDENT
JetWrite, PostBrite, VersaPrint
Industrial special material printing (dot matrix liquid crystal display printing, printed circuit board printing) on behalf of the nozzle is: UltraJet II 96
Packaging logo print (the production line and bar code printing products logo) on behalf of the nozzle is: UltraJet II
Postmark print (for the postal system's automated postmark print) on behalf of the nozzle is: UltraJet II 96, UltraJet II 352, 768Jet
Product Code Print (used in the production line of encoding products of various materials to print) and high temperature using solid ink
Textile printing (for a variety of industrial textiles, carpet printing) on behalf of the nozzle is: PixelJet, 768Jet, 384Jet
Large format image printing (large format inkjet for the advertising industry) on behalf of the nozzle: the newly developed 768 L jet.

7. Japan RICOH Ricoh (formerly Hitachi HITACHI) nozzle.

Ricoh acquired Hitachi's R & D department heads, Hitachi has two nozzles used in the original well, HITACHI 256 I and HITACHI 256 II, VUTEK5300 and VUTEK3300, these two machines each with 16 HITACHI 256 I a nozzle, HITACHI 256 II This nozzle is mainly used in the HP Scitex: Idanit, Pressjet machine, HP scitex Pressjet and HP tuberjet 8300 with 150 HITACHI 256 II head, this record seems to now have not been broken off, the current application only the Thai domestic manufacturers Wei's machine. I remember the 2002 Tai Wei to head in the promotion of Hitachi in 2010, Fuzhou DIGITEX began the GEN4 7Pl RICH nozzle.

Gen5/7-35PL,1280 nozzels,8 level grey scale,60KHZ 

Gen4 384 series gray head nozzles are three models:

Gen4/7PL firing frequency: 30KHZ Digitex in use.

Gen4/14PL firing frequency: 30KHZ

Gen4/21PL firing frequency: 30KHZ

Gen3 E3 Series: 192 nozzles main models

Gen3 E3/15PL

Gen3 E3/30PL

Gen3 E3/45PL

Gen3 E1 Series: 92 nozzles firing frequency 30KHZ (once Taiwei the Teckpro H3200, H5000, Teckjet H2500 the machine used)

Gen3 E1/30PL

Gen3 E1/65PL

8. Japan's Epson EPSON nozzle,

ESPON's head photo machine era in Japan has been an independent Ngau Tau in MIMAKI, ROLAND, MOUTH series in Japan can see pictures of EPSON head of the figure, the current large-scale domestic equipment also began to use EPSON's photo DX5 take the lead in developing China-made jet drawing machine, one of the more famous is fair, Khatami, the Hong Hua, Li Cai, Fu Terai and other domestic manufacturers,

DX2 (water head) main applications models:

Mimaki JV2
Roland FJ50 / CJ500 CJ600
Mutoh RJ6000
Epson Color 3000

DX3 (water head) main applications models:

Roland FJ600
Epson 900

DX4 (water-based solvent head and weak) main applications models:

The first application of water-based models:
Epson stylus 10600/10000CF
Mimaki JV4/JV 2II
Roland HifiJet Pro FJ740/750/540
Mutoh RJ8000/8100

The first major application of the weak solvent models:
Mimaki JV3
Roland SolJet / VersaCAMM / HifiJet
/ XJ640/XJ740
Mutoh RockHopperII (RHII) / FalconII /
Spitfire / ToucanLT /

DX5 (water-based solvent head weak) main applications models:

The first application of water-based models:

Epson Stylus Pro
9800/9880/9400/7800 /
7880/7400/7450/4800 /
4400/4000 / 1900/1800
Mutoh 900C

The first application of the weak solvent models:
Mimaki JV5/JV33
Mutoh ValueJet 1204/1604/2606
Seiko IP 3020

Mutoh ValueJet there are new 1304/1608W/1618

DX6 (water head) mainly used models are:

Epson Stylus PRO 9910 / 7910/11880C

DX7 (weak solvent head) mainly used models are:

Roland VS640

9. KYOCERA Kyocera nozzle

Kyocera nozzle 600dpi × 600dpi resolution, the driving frequency in the 40kHz to print speeds of up to 200m / min. The original head of the company's inkjet 600dpi × 600dpi in resolution when the driving frequency in the 30kHz print speed of 150m / min. In addition, the development of products in 600dpi × 360dpi print resolution, speed the time up to 330m / min (driving frequency of 40kHz), while in the 1200dpi × 1200dpi resolution, up to 150m / min (driving frequency of 60kHz), above the company's targets "were the world's fastest. "

Kyocera sprinkler products, ink from a nozzle (Ink Nozzle) per 60 000 in the fastest times (driving frequency of 60kHz) rate of spray droplets. Inkjet head with 2656 nozzles per second can be ejected about 100 million 50 million outlets (Dot). In order to improve the speed, take a 1) increase the driving frequency, 2) improved nozzle shape, 3) adjust the waterproof membrane materials and other measures. Improve the driving frequency, the re-design of piezoelectric actuators and flow path structures and so on. Nozzle shape, the accuracy is improved by improving the line of smoke. Waterproof material not disclosed the specific materials, etc., alleged to be based on material changes to improve the precision of smoke.

Now the main application in the printing market, Japan, Miyakoshi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. 'Has applied MJP600 presses.

Kyocera KJ4 Series 2656 nozzles 600 * 600DPI print width 108.25mm voltage 26V

KJ4A-GD06AHG-STDC / N: firing frequency 20KHZ four print sizes are 6,7,11,14 PL drop

KJ4B-HD06MHG-STDV: firing frequency 30KHZ four print sizes are 5,7,12,18 PL drop

new number in April 2012,
KJ4B-YH06WST-STDV (for water-based ink)
KJ4A-BH06CST-STDC (for UV-curable ink)

KJ4B-Z new head for 1200×1200dpi high-resolution inkjet printhead for water-based ink, achieving the world’s fastest*1 print speed of 80 meters per minute for an inkjet printhead

Samsung Samsung semjet nozzle 10
South Korea's Samsung Motors, has developed can be directly printed circuit board electronic circuit devices in industrial inkjet printhead semjet and copper nano-inks. Compared with the previous etching process, can greatly streamline the process, both Au and Ag than the previously used electronic circuit printing process inks can significantly reduce costs.
This is the first time in the development of Korean industrial inkjet print head device. The industrial inkjet device will be "SemJet" brand name. In addition, the copper nano-inks will be oxidized in air, after the development is very difficult, the development is a global first.

Characterized by the print head nozzle than the previous 128, to 2 times 256. Driver uses MEMS technology to spray 1pL (pl) of ink droplets. The models on the market now, the smallest is 4pL.

The use of the print head can be in the past 7 to streamline the printing process and heat treatment process 2 process. Also, you can reduce the amount of investment in the production process to eliminate harmful substances.

Semjet head: 256 nozzles, there are four drop size 1,5,30,80 PL.

If you have any information on the latest nozzle technology, I would even add, please concerns.
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